President's Message


August and September 2016 were challenging for the NEAEP, as we coped with the tragic and unexpected passing, on the eve of our 2016 Symposium, of our founding executive director, Rhicco Rentas. Losing Rhicco forced the NEAEP Board of Directors to take over the day-to-day management of the organization and to familiarize themselves with the
minutest details of hosting the annual symposium. I am proud to say that we rose to that challenge, especially thanks to Hollie Stillwell, the outgoing president, Dave Dawson, our treasurer, John
Dascanio, our past president, and the excellent NEAEP staff. Because of their efforts we were able to host a successful symposium at Niagara Falls, with a day of outstanding wet labs at MK Quarter Horses. We all wish Rhicco could have seen that success, and perhaps, at some level, he did. He was certainly responsible for much of it.

However, the challenges continue as we plan our 2017 symposium in Norfolk VA. The goal of NEAEP has always been to provide outstanding continuing education for veterinarians and farriers.  In pursuit of this goal we have employed David Dawson as our executive director during this period of change. Dave is both a Farrier, a founding member of the AAPF, and a partner in an equinebusiness management company. Through Dave’s leadership NEAEP is reinventing itself as a transparent organization, with an engaged board of directors focused on the needs of our membership and industry partners. I have been humbled and
inspired by the commitment and expertise of the equine practitioners of all stripes who make up our board, and through them I feel confident we will meet the challenges which lie ahead.

It is both an honor and privilege to assume the roll of President of this excellent organization for the
upcoming year.  As a veterinarian and Theriogenologist who has had the pleasure of hosting an annual symposium for our state Farriers Association in Maine, I have seen first hand how the welfare of horses is greatly improved when veterinarians and farriers work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Consequently, I look forward to bringing equine practitioners together in Norfolk VA in 2017 for some of the best continuing education available in equine lameness, podiatry, internal medicine and reproduction. I hope you will join us.

 Sincerely yours,

Robert C. Causey DVM, PhD

Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners